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Re: SansAmp (was Stage monitors)

I love my SansAmp PSA-1 - the rackmount SansAmp.
Not only does it give me a wide palette of sounds
and tones but it allows me to play live and record
without having to mic an amp (which always changes
the character).  So with the SansAmp, what you
hear is what is recorded too.  And since I also
use a GR-50 with a few external sound modules
I can easily control my mix.

The previous poster also made a good point - start
with fresh ears.  It is not hard to find the tone
you are looking for with the Sans Amp.  You may
not get an exact clone of your Mesa or Marshall
but if you are like me and enjoy having many tones
to work with the SansAmp is the most versatile
piece of gear I can think of (other than a truck
load of different amps and a raod crew to help
lug them around.

 - Floyd