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change loop speed via MIDI?

hey loopers,
I'm new to the group and I have a question:

Is there a loop machine available that allows dynamic
"detuning" (or changing the speed of a loop) via MIDI in
performance while overdubbung?  It would be nice if the
memory of the device was expandable to > 30 seconds.

My old deltalab echotron can be dynamically controlled
but no MIDI and the memory is small. I talked to TC Electronics
and they said that the memory chips for the 2090 were not
available any more so it would be very difficult to upgrade beyond 
the installed 4 secs. The person I talked to knew that aspects of the 
modulation of the loop could be controlled via MIDI but wasn't sure if 
was full expressive control of the loop speed. The information I have
seen about the Akai remix talks about a bend function but I don't
know how flexible or MIDI addressable it is, or whether the detuning works
while overlaying. 

I guess what I am looking for would be a MIDI version of the 
electroharmonics 16 second delay with more memory ( and less of 
a "collectors item" status).

thanks! any tips would be appreciated!
Curtis Bahn