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West Coast Loop Show (Take 2)

Hi all --

After hearing the enthusiastic reviews of the East Coast loop shows, I'm
tempted to re-suggest my initial idea for trying to stage a West Coast
version.  To re-cap, the notion of staging a multi-artist looping concert
in California was first bandied about the list at the end of last October,
with the initial idea being to try and bring together any and all
interested parties for a multi-artist show.  Before long, it was suggested
that this be divided into two seperate shows, one for Northern Cali and
one for the SoCal region, owing to both the logistical hassles of trying
to find a single convenient localle and the problem of trying to squeeze
around 10 performers onto a single bill (one of the first comments from
interested individuals seemed to be that the initially proposed limitation
of an hour for a set length would be undesirably restrictive). 

At any rate, the idea never really got off the ground, owing no doubt to 
the considerable difficulties in organizing a show of this sort.  Still, 
we now have real-world evidence that it can, in fact, be done.  So who 
here on the West Coast is interested and/or willing to try and make it