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Re: Where to order a Plex

>Hi all,
>Does any one of you know where I can order an EchoPlex Digital Pro?
>This is Holland here, so I need it to be shipped too. The Gibson
>web pages say they can only take orders from within the USA. :-(

You should contact Oberheim directly and ask them for an appropriate
dealer. I'm quite certain there is one in Holland, but have no idea who it
is. Oberheim's address/phone:

Oberheim Synthesizers
732 Kevin Court
Oakland, CA 94633

>I would like to know the price they go for in the States. Ordering
>such stuff in a music shop in Holland *may* be much more expensive,
>even when paying shipment, customs and taxes. So that's what I
>would like to find out now.

I think street price in the US is typically around $550 for the basic 12.5
second unit. The memory required for expanding the loop time is the
ordinary SIMMs for computers. Upgrading to 200 seconds generally costs
$60-$100 for the simms and is easy to do yourself. The footpedal price
varies dramatically (between $100 and nothing) depending on whether the
dealer is using it as a tool to entice you to buy or make himself a little
extra profit.

hope this helps!


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