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Re: Feedback, Mercedes and Boogie for Beginners

At 1:20 AM 3/29/97, Dr M. P. Hughes wrote:
>Let's be fair; the JM is pretty solid peice of work.  If we're going for
>car analogies, then the Obie is probably a Merc (E or S series) - high
>prestige, and filled with gadgets that the owners insist they could never
>live without - air cond, power steering.  The Lex is an Audi, BMW 3-series
>or Volvo - a quality, refined dirving experience which will get you from A
>to B in style, if not necessarily pampered.  Finally, the boomerang is an
>off-roader - fun to drive, not necessarily the smoothest ride, but with a
>growing cult status.  Even if it can't do the things the others can, there
>are places it can go that leave the others behind.  After that, leave 
>Dod etc to fight it out for Ford.. :)

ohhhhhhh...... will it never end?    ;-)

>Now, this is something which concerns me greatly - what governs feedback?
>I had a Lab Series L9 until recently which, despite pushing 120 watts into
>a 15" speaker, was nigh on impossble to feed back.  However, the Boogie
>Subway Blues will do it with the volume on 5, with reverb and mid all the
>way up (my fave tone).

The way the amp is designed and voiced have a lot to do with the resulting
guitar feedback. Boogies sing like there's no tomorrow, (I've heard lots of
good stuff about the subway blues) but most amps don't. Spring reverb vs
digital reverb is not the path to feedback nirvana. My Boogie
triaxis-simulclass 2:90 combo gets the feedback you are seeking at low
volumes, with or without the digital intellifex reverb in the signal path.

There is a boogie mailing list. (unaffiliated with the company) The people
on it are very (actually, excessively) knowledgeable about guitar amps/tone
etc. You can discuss the merits of NOS 6L6's to your hearts content. The

>Hello, if you're familiar with guitar amplification then you've heard of
>MESA/Boogie.  There has been a MESA/Boogie email forum for over 2 years
>and to subscribe all you have to do is send a message to:
>in the body of the message, write
>sub boogie-talk Your Name
>sub boogie-talk Graham Spice
>easy, not too much traffic, get all your questions answered fast.  Sign
>on and listen, write, whatever.  Graham Spice


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