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Re: Feedback, Mercedes and Boogie for Beginners

Dr M. P. Hughes wrote:
> Now, this is something which concerns me greatly - what governs feedback?
> I had a Lab Series L9 until recently which, despite pushing 120 watts 
> a 15" speaker, was nigh on impossble to feed back.  However, the Boogie
> Subway Blues will do it with the volume on 5, with reverb and mid all the
> way up (my fave tone).

  Just thought I would relate a review on a tube guitar amp that was
described as in glowing terms generally but was said to excel in the
area of controlled feedback. This is from the Feb 97 Guitar Player
review of 23 "boutique" tube amps. "Feedback is another of this amp's
specialties. Even at moderate gain settings, you can just grab a note
and dig the ride. ... One of the best feedback amps I've ever played."
  This had my mouth watering for a Electroplex Rocket 50; $2,045 as
tested with Mojotone MP10R speakers and GE 6L6 power tubes. Electroplex
Amplifiers, Box 35, Brea, CA 92822; fax 714-739-8178.