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Re: Feedback, Mercedes and Boogie for Beginners

Kim Flint said:
"The way the amp is designed and voiced have a lot to do with the 
guitar feedback. Boogies sing like there's no tomorrow, (I've heard lots 
good stuff about the subway blues) but most amps don't. Spring reverb vs
digital reverb is not the path to feedback nirvana. My Boogie
triaxis-simulclass 2:90 combo gets the feedback you are seeking at low
volumes, with or without the digital intellifex reverb in the signal 

While we're on the subject of feedback at low levels, I just picked up a 
Boogie Subway Rocket this weekend, and I'm tremendously pleased with it.  
I've used a bunch of Boogie stuff over the years, but the Subway Rocket 
allows you to get all the dynamic wonder of tubes at a quieter volume.  I 
can't speak too highly of this $500, 20watt, three mode wonder.  It even 
has a parallel effects loop, which I'm going to try out tonight.  If 
you're looking for a small combo, it's well worth your while to check it 
out.  If you're just looking for a preamp for that singing Boogie tone, 
the V-twin pedal is really nice, and can be configured as a stompbox or 
as a pre-amp.

Travis Hartnett
(not-affiliated with Boogie)