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Re: 'Plex noise gate

At 10:42 AM 3/31/97, David Myers wrote:
>I apologize for getting your dander up, though I didn't *think* I was
>expressing hostility and have never believed you to have represented
>yourself as an Oberheim spokesperson or official troubleshooter.  Just
>taking you up on your goodhearted openness and enthusiasm for the
>'Plex--and cripes, if anyone can answer such questions, I figure you must
>be the guy!  Maybe too many folks figure that and are running you ragged,

Sorry to get on your case, David. You weren't the one that riled me up, but
replying to your question was a convenient place to get the other stuff off
my chest. Feel free to ask questions anytime, I'll do my best to answer
you. Friends?  :-)

>At the risk of sounding like a dolt, exactly how does one check the
>archives, anyway?

>From the top page of the web site:


there is a link to the mailing list archives.


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