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where do you guys buy your 30 pin simms?

I have a JamMan, but my clunky old computer running Session8 takes 30
pin simms.  I am being forced to upgrade to Win95 (S8 doesn't work on
NT) and now my 16 pathetic megs of RAM won't cut it any more.  I don't
suppose anyone out there in TV land has a few 8 meg or 16 meg simms they
want to get rid of, or know of a good place to find them...



PS:  I know that there are a lot of vendor questions out there... maybe
a vender FAQ could be added to the page?  I would volunteer for duty,
but, dispite the fact that I opperate computers for a living, I do not
know HTML/Java/whatever.

PPS: Thanks Kim (No Soup) Flint for the Boogie list info- I joined
tonight.  As my little brother would say, 'You are the Bomb'.

PPPS:  If you are looking for good feedback (esp without a lot of
distortion) try out a hollowbody.  I am the proud new owner of an
Epiphone 335-ish pig that gave me such increadably complex, mutating
feedback with a minimum of gain, I was tempted to toss out my Ebow
away.  Unbelievable...