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Re: Looping Trombone and Accordion (was Feedback, Mercedes, Boogie...)

> Some have asked about the accordion loops.  Well, it's no different from 
> trombone or vocal loops...

as long as we're on the topic of looping trombone and accordion -

the loop-inclined should check out the CD "deep listening" by pauline
oliveros, stuart dempster, and panaiotis.  it features the three musicians
improvising in an old underground 2-million gallon cistern (empty,
apparently) which featured a 45-second natural reverberation time (no
kidding - they timed it).  instrumentation includes trombone, accordion,
didjeridu, voice, garden hose, whistling, conch shell, pipes, and metal

the effect is incredible - the tones are not "muddied" by the space, it's
not chaos - but it's still impossible to tell when dempster switches from
trombone to didjeridu.  the spooky accordion chords swelling in and out are
mesmerizing.  the music stays interesting by metamorphosing constantly.

it's very tasty stuff.