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Re: Looping Trombone and Accordion (was Feedback, Mercedes, Boogie...

> the loop-inclined should check out the CD "deep listening" by pauline
> oliveros, stuart dempster, and panaiotis...the music stays interesting 
> metamorphosing constantly.

....I second that suggestion.  You might also look for Dempster's "In the 
Abbey of Clement VI(or IV?)"...also trombone and doo.  The broken chord 
are likewise pristine and majestic.  Pauline Oliveros is very excited 
about the 
Deep Listening ensemble.  I used to do some performances with her and 
back in the 80s have nerve-tingling neckhair stories of her tremendous 
magic.  And, by the sounds of it, they've got one helluva project going 
days.  You might check out her "deep listening" websites fo mo info.  

One of the sometimes collaborateurs, Ellen Fullman, designs and builds 
super-length string installation instruments, played by walking the 
80-foot plus
strings with rosened fingers...as incredible to see as to hear, 
sustained, loopish sonorities played in stately rituals.  

Definitely worth checking out.