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More SansAmp foolishness...

I had, in a fit of idiocy, brought my recording equipment into my place
of indentured servitude, I mean work, for it to sit unused for six
months.  So I just brought it home the other day and began working with
my SansAmp in earnest.

Odd as it may sound, when recording direct, the SansAmp sounds best when
it is not on...  It says in my little booklet that the buffering will
improve your sound.  Frankly, I was more than a bit sceptical (I was the
one who complained about buffering a couple weeks ago) but I am happy to
be proven wrong.

There are some neat sounds to be had with it on too, of course, but I
must say, I really think that the distortion of thes things really
blows.  The preamp gain on the box make the sound shrill and thin (and
not even in a cool Steve Albini sort of way).  

My other beef with the ol' SA is that in the bass(the one that's
supposed to sound like fender stuff) settings, the output is really,
really low.  Much lower than an unfiltered gtr/bass signal would be.  I
have noticed this with a lot of distortion boxes and the like.  I wonder
if it has something to do with my gtr setup- heavy strings (.11 to .13,
depending on the mood and guitar), relatively high action, and
ham-handed right hand attack.  Am I alone with this output difference