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A bit late, but I will second the idea of getting rid of guitar amps for
multiple reason of noise/signal quality... etc.
I use a Peavey rockmaster wich absolutely horrible for guitar but works
very well with the bass side of my stick.
I also use a Lag Spitfire (it is french tube preamp) thatsounds pretty
good wwith guitar, and a tube master H&G just to "hotten" (?) the sound
before the Spit'.
I've been also using a sansamp PSA-1 and it gives the possibility among a
lot of other things, to have the sound of power tube overdriven at the
output of the preamp (for these singing Jeff Beck sound), so you won't
destroy your effects  for this sound like with a real amp (not to mention
sound volume to get the power section overdriven).
Don't hesitate to stack low quality preamp in serial. It just work very
As for PSA-1 amp simul. You have to get out of the machine with the XLR
out to have the amp simul turned on, if I remember well....

Olivier Malhomme