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HOP for Mac?

Unfortunately I delete all my emails (something to do with getting 50 or 60
emails a day I reckon) so I can't remember who was talking about HOP
recently.  Anyway it reminded me of a piece of freeware that is sitting in 
dark corner of my hard disk at the moment, which does more or less the same
thing for Macintosh, as far as I can work out. 

Here is the blurb from the Readme file which has details on where to get 
and the licensing restrictions.

Hope you find it useful.

HK Jim


bomb - automatic interactive visual stimulation
Scott Draves <spot@cs.cmu.edu>
see the file COPYING for the license covering this software.
see below for the license covering the output of this software.

this program is for svgalib (on linux), with working ports to X11,
OpenGL, and the Power Mac (with CodeWarrior).

see manual.txt for instructions about how to run and use bomb.

see http://hopeless.mess.cs.cmu.edu:8001/bomb/index.html and
http://hopeless.mess.cs.cmu.edu:8001/nab/nab.html for online
documentation, explanation, and discussion.

i apologize for the quality of this code.  it is very low.  i use this
project as a garbage dump for my worst coding impulses.  this helps
keep the rest of my code cleaner.  no kidding.

chunks of code and various rules have been taken from various sources
(i'm always looking for more stuff, so email if you have something
that you think fits). contributors/sources include:

jepler@herbie.unl.edu  originally derived from vga_eyecandy
tcl@sgi.com            rotor idea
nix@cs.cmu.edu         wisps, waves, fade2cmap, many suck/*.gif
ehn@cs.cmu.edu         gifs
Jim Frost              xli header file (copyright below)
Kirk L. Johnson        gif code (copyright below)
Torben Mogensen        idea for symmetric life
ajw@cs.cmu.edu         lots of help for all sorts of mac things

thanks to nix for many interesting discussions and don
hopkins@kaleida.com for inspiration.  thanks to toffoli and margolus
for their excellent book _cellular automata machines_ (isbn
0-262-20060-0, or see http://www.im.lcs.mit.edu/cam8)


license covering output:

`bomb' is covered by the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, but as noted on
line 75:

        ... the output from the Program is covered only if its
        contents constitute a work based on the Program (independent
        of having been made by running the Program).  Whether that is
        true depends on what the Program does.

in the case of `bomb', the output *is* considered to be derived from
the bomb itself and its datafiles.  i place the following restrictions
on its use:

1) you may not publicly exhibit it.
2) you may not record it.
3) you may not make any money with it.

if you want to do any of these things, contact me, and i'm sure we can
work something out. depending on circumstances, my terms are generally:

1) you must notify me in advance
2) you must give me credit
3) you must give me a cut of any money you make