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Re:Jamman MIDI

>...I'm sure this topic has been covered before, but I want to know 
>about a MIDI controller for my Jamman.  

A very basic level of control is available from the Zoom 4040 floor 
unit. It doesn't allow you to resend the same command two times in a row 
(because stepping on the patch pedal changes it to manual/tuner mode), but 
can usually get around this by using the JamMan's supplied footswitch.

And at least all of the commands necessary for the Jamster are in the 
first 20 
User patches so you can use your own programmed sounds and control the 
Dude at 
(about) the same time. The fade commands are all on the same bank, but cue 
1 is on the end of one bank, with cue loop 2-5 etc on the next.

Not to malign this product, which I bought new at approx. half its 
price, but ultimately a seperate delay/reverb unit and a midi unit are 
more `effective', depending of course and what you already own, can afford 

Anyway, I'll be discovering how reliable this is live at the Croydon 
on 10th April (yes, another shameless plug)

Non anagramatically looping near London,