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The Joy of Looping

Ahhhhhh.... I know that most people on this list are very busy, I certainly
know that I am. After the Philly Loop Show I was suppossed to be on
vacation, well there was a problem. I had to work two days. Then my wife
and I were off to the mountains of north Carolina for some R & R.

We returned to other family obligations. My equipment still packed up. My
other group has a gig this weekend, need to practice my acoustic. Staring
at the packed up gear. And then on the eleventh day I set her up
again...... AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ......bliss.

It's so wonderful to set my looper's in motion. So peaceful......so 

SO all of you busy folk. DON'T FORGET TO LOOP!!! Be it 'Plex, Jam Men.
Boomerdangs,or Time Machine's...just let 'em whirl.


 ***  ***    ** Fingerpaint http://www.his.com/~Patrick/FNGP.html  ***  **