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RE: Musician's Friend

Sorry for the false info.  I would definitly demo a boomerang 
before buying one.  I has a lower sampling rate than 
the Jamman or Echoplex, you might not be as happy.
That was the only complaint in a otherwise pretty good
review in last October's guitar player. 
 They're online at 


However only the feature article is in the archive,
Which was Los Lobos, you could order the back issueif you're interested.


>From:  Eric Edberg
>Reply To:      Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>Sent:  Thursday, April 3, 1997 11:25 PM
>To:    John_Ott@ATK.COM
>Subject:       Musician's Friend
>Ott, John wrote:
>> Musican Friend still has a few JamMen for $349
>> They had one "blemish" for $309 they are at
>>  http://www.musiciansfriend.com/
>> Thats where I got mine, good service.
>> Some other mail order places may still have
>> some.  My local music stores were all out.
>> later
>> John
>> >
>Musician's Friend is out as well.  I had about 24 hours of false
>paradise, though, because last week bot a new one and a blem one were
>still listed on their website, which evidently has to be manually
>updated by them.  I ordered a Jamman, but got a message the next day
>saying they were all gone. :-(
>Thanks for the suggestion, though.  I've also tried the other mail-order
>houses (Rock 'n Rhythm, Daddy's, Manny's, etc.) I know of.