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Re: No summit gig? OK... how 'bout a tour?

On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, Dave Trenkel wrote:

> Hey Andre, I can help in Eugene and Portland, maybe even something in 
> Corvallis depending on how little you're willing to play for...
> Maybe we could do some stuff together, or my band could share a bill with
> you. Also, I could put you in touch with some people in Olympia and
> Seattle. I'm organizing some gigs for May/June right now, if these work 
> I can give you some better/clearer details.

This raises another possibility -- rather than trying to stage a one-spot
summit concert, we could try coordinating other loopists along the pathway
up the coast, and I could attempt a rendezvous with them as I move north,
so that at each stop (or at least some of them) there are different
loopers to share the gig with.  This would make things a lot easier
logistically, as there would be some local support at some of the stops,
and it would also help facilitate a more genre-specific gig (multiple
loopists at one show makes a bit more sense than a solo guy making wierd
sounds between top 40 and blues bands -- at least, in general, anyway). 

Thanks for the advice, Dave; let me know how the work goes in terms of 
the Seattle-area arangements.  Anyone else interesting in trying to do 
show-by-show participations?  Far be it from me to annoint myself the 
pied piper of loopography, but this might be a very interesting way of 
solving a variety of logistical problems...