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Re: No summit gig? OK... how 'bout a tour?

Hi Andre:

A friend and I have a looping duo that has a regular second Friday of the
month gig at a little place called Evo's coffee house right here in the
town of Ashland, Oregon (pop. 17,000).  We would love to have you sit in
with us!  Ashland is on the I-5 corridor and right across the border from
California.  Also, we're interested in playing other places
north/south/east/and west as well, so if we can put together some kind of
network of "looping friendly" cafes/bars/living rooms...whatever, then it
could help all us left coasters know where the natives and managements are
friendly.  Incidentally, we loop for tips only at this point, so don't
expect to make enough to run right out and buy another Echoplex. ;)

Let us know when you'll be up.  We're saving an input on the Mackie for