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Re: No summit gig? OK... how 'bout a tour?

In a message dated 4/4/97 5:51:12 PM, you wrote:

>So if there are any clubs, bars, 
>owners, etc. etc. who I should be aware of, I'd very much like to know.  
>So far the only notion I have is Nels Cline, who runs the new music night 
>at the Alligator Lounge here in LA.  
>Thanks for any assistance you can offer.  Best,
go for it andre!!!! people, get out there and support the crazy ones of us
who actually want to tour!  heck, you should try and get people to come out
and perform with you, open for you or something..we all need to try and
support one another! good luck with your tour, and go for it!
bobby d/lvx nova