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No summit gig? OK... how 'bout a tour?

Hello people --

It looks as if the notion of a West Coast loop show is inlikely to happen 
in the near future.  (C'est la vie.)  My jones for live looping remaining 
unsatisfied, however, I'm inclined to try a different tactic.

I'm mulling over the possibility of trying to organize and set up a solo 
loop tour of the West Coast, probably starting in the San Diego area and 
running North through California and perhaps beyond.  This is a 
*completely* uncharted area for me, but I think it would be quite an eye- 
and ear-opening experience.  The main problem is that I've got no idea 
what sorts of venues are available in which cities that would be 
appropriate venues for this sort of thing.

Which is where you people can help out.  If anyone along the Pacific 
Coast can suggest some good places in their general area in which to try 
and organize some sort of concert, then I'd stand a better chance of 
trying to pull this off.  So if any West Coasters (heh) can offer up 
suggestions for venues sympathetic to experimental music, from San Diego 
up to, say, Washington State, I'd *greatly* appreciate it.  

I have no idea if this will get past the pipe dream stage, and it likely 
won't come to fruition (if at all) until the mid- to late summer.  But 
I'm still inclined to give it a whirl.  So if there are any clubs, bars, 
owners, etc. etc. who I should be aware of, I'd very much like to know.  
So far the only notion I have is Nels Cline, who runs the new music night 
at the Alligator Lounge here in LA.  

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.  Best,