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Re: Boomerang

kim corbet wrote:
> > I just heard about the Boomerang.  Does anyone on this have one, and if
> > so can you let me know what you think about it?
> ........sounds like a job for Motley.
>          Hey, Motley, you got your ears on, good buddy???

  Yes, you pitch-shifting, delay-drenched, distortion using, stomp box
addicted, 'bone playing wild man, I've got my ear to the ground. But, I
thought it would be more convincing if a customer threw out a personal
tale of Rang usage.
  I have 2 Boomerang Phrase Samplers and I love them. The bass
player/lead singer of the band I play with has 2 and he absolutley loves
them. He's the 1996 Boomerang poster child. These people also have
Boomerangs: Victor Wooten, Vernon Reid, Jake E. Lee, Matthew Sweet, Trey
Gunn, Henry Kaiser, Howard Leese, ...
  Check our web page at http://www.netbutler.com/boomerang .

Mike Nelson
Co-owner of Boomerang Musical Products