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Looping gig in Austin

For anyone in the Austin, Texas area, Jon Morris and I will be playing a 
looping show at the Electric Lounge (302 Bowie) on Thursday, the 17th, 
starting at 9:30 PM.  We'll be playing for an hour or 90 minutes 
(billed as Tiktok), depending on how quickly the main acts can get their 
rigs together.  We'll be playing in the Elbow Room/Lounge section, not on 
the the main stage, so feel free to drop by and enjoy some two-man 
looping improvisations.  Cover will be either $3 or $5, and they never 
give me accurate information before hand.  There will be four "bands" 
playing later that night, of the "electronic" variety (according to the 
booker), which given the current climate probably means something dancey, 
like Aphex Twin, or angry, like NIN.

Travis Hartnett