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Calling all central Illinois loopeople!!!

playing every Sunday afternoon at a coffee shop in Peoria.  The Peoria 
Wine and Coffee Works, adjacent to the Pizza Works in Peoria Heights.

    I play classic synth-based loopmusik, based (unfortunately) around 
a five-year old RDS-8000.  Here's a kitlist:
    -Roland xp80 synth
    -Roland juno6 synth
    -Digitech rds8k (7.6sec delay box)
    -Lexicon Vortex
    -Peavey Spectrum Synth
    -Peavey Spectrum Organ
    -Mackie 1202 mixer
    -Rolls CV expression pedal

    I've had an Echoplex on order for the past 7 months, and need to 
get a used Jamman too.

    I only use patches I program myself (which means I don't use the 
Peavey stuff much, as I don't have the programmer for it), which 
generally tend to be pure tones, with liberal use of the volume pedal 
and portamento.

    I also have a jazz fusion quintet, Cold Fusion, who are still 
looking for a place to play.  We play 'space jazz', trying to bridge 
the gap between jazz and ambient, trying to work in a little Booker T 
and Sly Stone on the way.

James Eric Williamson - erwill@ix.netcom.com - erwill@heartland.bradley.edu
          One of Peoria's most obscure ambient blues musicians