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RE: Rack mounted Mixer


I would recommend the Fostex rack mounted (2 spaces) line mixer -
either 8 or 16 chann. I think the model is a 1216 (??) or something like
that.  I
purchased mine from AMS (American Music Supply) catalog sales for
last December.  Works great!!

Rick Mascarini
GE GSO/Information Delivery Services
Voice & Fax:  8*235.5187,  518.385.2394

> ----------
> From:         Steven R. Murrell[SMTP:smurrell@ford.com]
> Sent:         Wednesday, April 09, 1997 10:25 AM
> To:   Mascarini, Rick (CORP)
> Subject:      Rack  mounted Mixer
> Could anyone recommend a good RACK-MOUNTED MIXER with two or more
> Aux/Effects Sends (pre-fader) and 8 or more inputs.  This would be
> used for a MIDIfied Stick w/ effects, etc.