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Re: Rack mounted Mixer

> Could anyone recommend a good RACK-MOUNTED MIXER with two or more =
> Aux/Effects Sends (pre-fader) and 8 or more inputs.  This would be used =
> for a MIDIfied Stick w/ effects, etc.

I'm hard pressed to think of any smaller mixers with two pre-fader
sends. However, in addition to a single pre-fader send (monitor), mixers
in the style of the Mackie 1202 and 1604 or rackmountable LM3204 have a
switchable stereo Aux buss which might substitute for a pre-fader send
depending on your needs (for example, hit a switch to route your signal
to the LOOPING buss). Mackie also provides schematics for modifications
which may include moving an aux send from post to pre. BOB.