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RE: delta-lab echotron


You are in luck. It turns out that, way Delta Lab implemented their delay  
lines makes it quite easy to expand the memory. In Delta Lab products,   
the A-D converters spit out a single serial stream of 1s and 0s  which is  
fed to the memory chips sequentially (into the first chip, out of the   
first chip into the second chip, etc..). On the simpler products, they   
derive their delay times by simply tapping off the serial data stream   
between the memory chips or at the output of the last chip. To expand the  
memory, you simply add more memory chips in the chain.

There is a cheat you can use to add the memory chips as well, though it's  
not very pretty. Get some additional memory chips of the same type and   
lift pins 2 and 14 so they are sticking straight out of the side of the   
chip. Place the new chips on top of the existing chips, soldering all of   
the pins of the new chip to the same pins of the chip it is sitting on.   
You then connect the input (pin 2) and outputs (pin 14) of each of the   
new chips together forming a chain. Then all you have to do is connect a   
wire from the output of the last original chip to the input of the first   
new chip to add the new chips into the existing chain.

The last step is to change the data stream that is feeding the AD   
converter. This is usually the output from one of memory chips in the   
chain selected by an electronic or mechanical switch. You can brute force  
it here to permanently add in the new memory by cutting the etch coming   
from the last original chip and routing it to the new last chip in the   
chain. The other alternative is to add another selector switch of some   

I'm not interested in doing this kind of work myself but I do have   
schematics and would be willing to send someone a copy and walk them   
through it. Let me know.

Also, I am in the process of putting together a web site that will   
include procedures for various mods I have done including this one. I'll   
send a message around when it is operational.

Bob Sellon
phone: 617-280-0395 (days)
            508-670-6098 (evenings (preferred))

From:  Loopers-Delight[SMTP:Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com]
Sent:  Wednesday, April 09, 1997 4:17 PM
To:  Loopers-Delight
Subject:  delta-lab echotron


Does anybody know how to hack an ADM4096 to add more memory or
features? (or know a technician that could?) I opened it up and
it looks like its using 16 chips soldered into the board for its
current 4 sec delay time (chips say "MOSTEK 8328 MK4564N-20").

Is Deltalab still in business? if so does anyone have their number?

Curtis Bahn