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RE: delta-lab echotron

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Sellon, Bob wrote:

> You are in luck. It turns out that, way Delta Lab implemented their 
> lines makes it quite easy to expand the memory. In Delta Lab products,   
> the A-D converters spit out a single serial stream of 1s and 0s  which 
> fed to the memory chips sequentially (into the first chip, out of the   
> first chip into the second chip, etc..). On the simpler products, they   
> derive their delay times by simply tapping off the serial data stream   
> between the memory chips or at the output of the last chip. To expand 
> memory, you simply add more memory chips in the chain.


Would this scheme also work for the DeltaLab CompuEffectron CE1700 model?
Looking at the tech specs in the manual, I have a sneaking suspicion that
you could add the RAM, but the MPU might not be able to address it. But
then again, my electronics knowlege is pretty limited.


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