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Re: visual looping

You wrote: 
>>How about pointing a video camera at it's own monitor screen then?
>Hey, I've got about 2 hours of that on tape. Great stuff! I'm in the 
>of dumping it into the computer and editing the best parts in 
>Very cool, especially if you slow it way down.

    Cool.  I did alot of experiments in that, as well.  If you could 
send me some screen shots (jpgs) I would really appreciate it.  
Unfortunately, my dad accidently erased what I had done a couple of 
years ago, but if I ever get Snappy I'll grab a couple frames off a 
copy I made.  I made them about 5 years ago for a German class parody 
of Dr Who.

James Eric Williamson - erwill@ix.netcom.com - erwill@heartland.bradley.edu
          One of Peoria's most obscure ambient blues musicians