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Re: Digitec expansion/Jamman update

> >     Hmm... I wonder if the memory of the Digitech RDS 7.6 (or 4000 &   
> 8000)
> >can be expanded as well. If so, what would the average cost of an   
> upgrade be
> >(parts only)?
> I've never worked on the Digitech units and don't have schematics so I   
> really don't know.

I too have a RDS 7.6 but my concern isn't as much increasing the RAM in the
unit, thus potentially causing a loss of resolution, as much as it is
lowering the S/N ratio of the unit.  Given incorrect levels of
input/output, and the longest setting for the loop length, one can get an
incredible - though removable - amount of hiss.  This is fine for studio
stuff, but not the live material...

Any thoughts on this, fellow RDS owners/operators?

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