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> An open-minded chellist - wow!  :)
> How do you fel about moving to Glasgow?
> Michael

It is kind of funny- most cellists don't seem to have a very eclectic
aestetic.  Tough to get them into the rock/punk/folk/loop thing. In
fact, it seems to be pretty hard to get anyone in to it... :) 

So I have just followed through on my on my four year old threat and
bought an old Kay 3/4 size plywood cello. I dated a girl for a while who
was a phenominal cellist and started giving me pointers.  With the
cheater tape (you know, that yellow tape that novice violinists use as
fret markers) I find that more of my left hand technique translates than
I would have thought, but the right right hand technique is a bastard.

Now all I need is to get some kind of pickup thingy in there and let the
loops begin!