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Re: Bill Frisell looping device

> Frisell was using
>an Andersen ACUSTIC (!!!) guitar (no more electric Klein) and an effect
>pedal called Echoplus, by Digitech, I think.
>Great looping work!!! With the pedal he could record looping seguences and
>change the speed and pitch of the loop in real time. The effect was 
>Someone knows about the Echoplus? What are the other features of this 
>Someone using it? And about the price?

As I recall, the Echoplus was just an 8-second delay, similiar to the 
PDS-2000, but with more memory.  Nothing special, no modulation, but it 
did have a sample trigger input, I think.  It was in the $200-300 range.

Travis Hartnett