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Re: Bill Frisell looping device

>> Frisell was using
>>an Andersen ACUSTIC (!!!) guitar (no more electric Klein) and an effect
>>pedal called Echoplus, by Digitech, I think.
>>Great looping work!!! With the pedal he could record looping seguences 
>>change the speed and pitch of the loop in real time. The effect was 
>>Someone knows about the Echoplus? What are the other features of this 
>>Someone using it? And about the price?

Ive got one of those echoplus pedals.

Here's the scoop:

PDS 8000

The device was part of the PDS pedal series made by Digitech in the late
80's early 90's.  As you can guess, it is not made anymore :-(.

Mono input, mono out
no info about internal signal processing.

10 volt DC negative ground power supply (I use a 9v dc and it works fine)
9volt battery

Functions in 3 modes:
Normal- looping or short echoes
Trigger- initiates a previously recorded sample (sample will loop according
to regen. and delay time settings)
Sample- Records the desired sample (record only-no play back in this mode)

100ms(???) - 8sec delay
record a sample in sample mode and then trigger the sample in trigger mode.

Repeat loop indefinately

Operations and controls:
>From left to right across the top panel of the pedal-

3 way delay time range switch
toggles between the following delay ranges:
100ms-500ms, 500ms-2sec, 2sec-8sec

Delay time knob
has a relative value of 1(least)-10(most) depending on the setting of the
delay time range switch.

Rengeration knob
has a range of 1(least)-10(most) repeats of echo or loop.

Mix knob
allows for wet/dry mix of signal and effect
ranges 0% effect/100% signal - 100% effect/0% signal

LEDs for Effect on and Repeat on

3 way toggle switch for changing mode

Output level knob

Input level knob

mono input for signal

mono input for recording sample (trigger input)

mono output

Bypass pedal(effect on/off)

Repeat(hold)/Trigger(initiates recorded sample) pedal

Price new:????
Used: I got one for $100

Sound quality:  Fine but not high quality

Size: around 5" high, 6" wide and 11/2" deep

Color: blue :-)

I like the user interface.  It is very easy to use.  All of the features
are right there.  No hunting through menus on a rack device display.  I
think it is a great low end looping device.  If you are looking for cheap
looping this would be a great buy.  Easily portable too.


Hayden Porter