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Digitech pedals...

Regarding the post on BF and realtime looping...

I've been using the PDS1002 two second delay pedal for years (I actually 
have two of 'em now) I also use teh RDS3600 rack mount but in a 
differebnt way (Warping with the width feature is wonderful)


Has anyone put together a list of all the Digitech pedals and rack 
machines that are realtime loopers with knobs. I've also used the Ibanez 
DM1100 and some boss pieces. These are all very affordable and some have 
up to 8 seconds which is pretty useful. Grated they aren't Jam/plexes but 
for the money and availability (plus the real time knobs) they certainly 
warrent some attention.

Anyone else use these creatures? Anyone care to comile a quick and dirty 
list of models and features?

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