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Re: Roland US 2

You might try either black box or datatek, they make all sorts
of computer switch boxes (datatek's run about $20 or serial).  They may
not have the roland connector, but you may be able to get
a switcher for some other 24-or-more-conductor-cable and
modify it yourself.  I'm not sure about the electrical
ramifications, but roland tech support may be able to help
w/ that.


Patrick Smith wrote:
> On Friday 4/17/97 Eric Fischer wrote:
> I need a Roland A/B switch for the 24 pin cable on the GR300 &
> GR700 guitar synths. I believe the model is US-2.
> Good luck Eric, my partner Steev Geest has been looking for one of these
> for a year. Very hard to come by.
> Patrick
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