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Re: Digitech pedals...

At 2:27 PM 4/18/97, David Talento wrote:
>Regarding the post on BF and realtime looping...
>I've been using the PDS1002 two second delay pedal for years (I actually
>have two of 'em now) I also use teh RDS3600 rack mount but in a
>differebnt way (Warping with the width feature is wonderful)

I got into looping and delays with a pds2000. I had lots of fun with it...I
should pull it off the shelf one of these days and give it another

>Has anyone put together a list of all the Digitech pedals and rack
>machines that are realtime loopers with knobs. I've also used the Ibanez
>DM1100 and some boss pieces. These are all very affordable and some have
>up to 8 seconds which is pretty useful. Grated they aren't Jam/plexes but
>for the money and availability (plus the real time knobs) they certainly
>warrent some attention.
>Anyone else use these creatures? Anyone care to comile a quick and dirty
>list of models and features?

I want to put together a page for all the digitech stuff. I've collected a
couple bits so far, but I could really use some help. I don't know much
about most of those units. Any contributions are most welcome!

Oh, sorry I haven't added much to the web site in the past couple of
months. All of my free time has been sucked into another project....
Hopefully that will lighten up a bit in a couple weeks....



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