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Re: Digitech pedals...

There was a series of racks which were pretty much the same but for the 
of memory and variations on the sample/trigger function. They all had knobs
for delay time (one real-time variable knob, the range of which was
determined by four buttons), speed, width, sample-hold, mix, feedback, 
& output. They were the RDS 1900 (1.9 sec) and the rest were also named by
how much memory they had - the RDS 2100 or something, 3600 or something, 
7600 or something. Then the RDS 8000 Time Machine came out which was the 
deal with a different case and a full 8 seconds.  I may have documentation
somewhere if anyone wants to see it, though how to transmit it I'm not

By the way these are all very Frissel-like per that earlier topic...

(And there were less fancy footpedal versions minus the speed and width
controls, I think, and fewer input/output options...I had a two-second but 
died a painful feedback-soaked electronic death...)

I have the 1900 and 8000 and love them dearly. My first 1900 was stolen and
it took me years to find another - When I got one back I felt such a deep
sense of release I couldn't believe how much I'd missed it (loving gadgets 
fun but bad for you when they go out of production so fast...setting myself
up for a life of loss!)


PS - Does anyone know the resolution of the delay on those things? Is it 
random bit size and sample rate that one might not expect? I've always