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Ground controller with JamMan

Finished programming my GC last week and I just thought I would say that
what a dramatic improvement it has made.  I am having a much easier time
getting my loops timed properly, and having control over my regeneration
in echo mode given me a whole new lease on life/looping.

I got a fairly descent deal on the GC too (found it used) and the ROM
update (you have to run 2.0 or better, I think to have it work) was
pretty cheap.  Programming it is not tricky, just a bit tedious.  The
effort is worth it though.

I heartily recommend on to anyone having trouble with the standard
pedal, and I would be willing to give my standard pedal up to anyone who
would want to pay for the shipping/cod/whatever.  I get to keep the
stereo cable, though, as it may come in handy for other things....


PS-  Is there any way to control the input gain via midi?  I doubt it,
but I would find it very useful.  My old volume pedal works out ok,
except for a bit of noise every now and then.