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Live looping/jersey area

>hello all..

e.coast andre' here....
>anyone in the nj area - my duo "Jfk's Lsd-Ufo" may be of interest to
looping guitar & synth-heads like ourselves. 

We are drums, percussion (acous. & electr.) and guitar, and we both trigger
synths and samplers (roland, casio, kawai, ensoniq. Lots of looping and
crazy rhythms. Sortof in the boredoms, ruins area if you've heard them...
from abrasion to beauty in a flash. Jungle sounds and silicon breathe
>here's the deal.. 
>Mon april 28
>601 main st
>asbury park, nj
>10:00 pm
>with the mighty....BUCKETHEAD....!
>a completely unique guitarist - he's touring in support of a new release
and this is his pre-nyc stop. don't miss it, the saint is a great small 
to see shows in...
>Buckethead has played with Praxis, Bernie Worrell, John Zorn, Bootsy
Collins and many many more....
>Jfk's does improv music for percussion, drums, guitar, samples, and noise.
>be there>
>email andre@monmouth.com for directions, more info, email list, etc.