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RE: Sitar-like effect, by accident

> some interesting effects with a cordless drill
>> Interesting effects also with tuning forks,  and a gyroscope.

ok, I can't stand back and say nothing when I read this.

Interesting effects with a small portable turkish hand-held battery driven
fan (I'm sure you can get them in the US too). Replace the wings of the fan
by short pieces of nylon or steel strings, shoestrings, or other material,
and hold it over different parts of your guitar to make very different and
interesting sounds.

I saw a member of the (highly recommendable) Fred Frith Guitar quartet
using such a device on stage, and of course I had to have one too, but I
had to wait until summer came and the turkish shops here in Cologne/Germany
had a new supply of hand-held battery fans. Oh, how weird were the sounds I
could make!! 

Also still an interesting device: the good old screwdriver. I've been using
my screwdriver for many years now. Still remember the Steve Hillage concert
(must have been the mid-seventies) and how excited I was seeing him use the
screwdriver as a bow. The good thing about this is that you can hold it
parallel to the frets to make straight chords, but also in another angle to
make real weird microinterval chords. Why not add a ringmodulator?

Next time I'll tell you about the possible misuses of the kind of walkman
which has an inbuilt loudspeaker. 

Michael Peters   

HOP - Fractals in Motion ..."the only screen saver you'll ever want"