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RE: Ground controller with JamMan

I have tried several times to use a continuous control pedal (a Roland 
volume pedal) with my Ground Control (software version 1.0) to control the 
volume on my Peavey ProFex (software version 1.3).

The results have always been horrible.  There's no noise, but you loose 
the smooth transition from minimum to maximum volume.  It abruptly steps 
from one MIDI volume value to the next.

I've used a volume pedal for a long, long time and feel like my guitar is 
missing a couple of strings when I don't use one.  If anyone knows how to 
eliminate this stair-step, zippering, I'd be most appreciative.

Mark Kata

From:   nyfac[SMTP:nyfac2@nyfac.com]
Sent:   Tuesday, April 22, 1997 12:48 PM
To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
Subject:        Ground controller with JamMan

Finished programming my GC last week and I just thought I would say that
what a dramatic improvement it has made.  I am having a much easier time
getting my loops timed properly, and having control over my regeneration
in echo mode given me a whole new lease on life/looping.

I got a fairly descent deal on the GC too (found it used) and the ROM
update (you have to run 2.0 or better, I think to have it work) was
pretty cheap.  Programming it is not tricky, just a bit tedious.  The
effort is worth it though.

I heartily recommend on to anyone having trouble with the standard
pedal, and I would be willing to give my standard pedal up to anyone who
would want to pay for the shipping/cod/whatever.  I get to keep the
stereo cable, though, as it may come in handy for other things....


PS-  Is there any way to control the input gain via midi?  I doubt it,
but I would find it very useful.  My old volume pedal works out ok,
except for a bit of noise every now and then.