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Re: Ground controller and Midi volume control (was JamMan)

On Tue, 22 Apr 1997 14:07:04 -0400 Mark@asisoftware.com (Mark Kata)
>I have tried several times to use a continuous control pedal (a Roland 
>volume pedal) with my Ground Control (software version 1.0) to control 
>the volume on my Peavey ProFex (software version 1.3).
>The results have always been horrible.  There's no noise, but you 
>loose the smooth transition from minimum to maximum volume.  It abruptly

>steps from one MIDI volume value to the next.

Volume pedals like the Roland (actually their expression pedals too) have

a minimum "volume"  knob, which the GC hates.  It decreases the range of 
continuous controller info and contributes to the zipper effect.  I use 
Ernie Ball Volume pedals for both volume control and MIDI CC.  Though
this pedal makes for a smoother MIDI volume transition, I still run the
extra cable
to run an audio volume  pedal rather than use MIDI CC.  Optimally, I'm
for one of the old Rocktron dual VCA devices to place in my rack.  If
finds or has one please let me know.  

Kim, would you repost the address for the Boogie newsgroup/discussion

Robert Williams