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Re: Soundbytes on a Website

Mark wrote:

> What should I do to reduce the size of the file and make downloading 
> Thanks,
> Mark Kata
> Mark@asisoftware.com
&fm suggested:

- yo!

- sounds like you're ready for Shockwave Streaming Audio! (from

- you can hear my band, Marshall Arts, using Shockwave Streaming Audio
(a six and a half minute complete selection from our c.d. that loads and
starts playing in under 10 seconds).  


- millions (seriously) of people have downloaded the software to hear
this (free), and  hundreds of thousands of sites are "Shocked", so it
seems to be the developing "standard".

- for information go to the macromedia.com site, and for unusual and
original requirements you might try      buzz@macromedia.com    (he's
the backstage brains behind this miracle). 


&buzz added:

                Re: [Re: Soundbytes on a Website]
                Thu, 24 Apr 1997 15:20:12 -0700
                buzz@macromedia.com (Buzz Kettles)

please send them your first letter with this addendum -

Just a note about the delivery of sound streams over the Internet

MPEG2 is good, BUT
Shockwave Audio features MPEG layer 3 encoding,
(for optimum streaming quality vs connect speed)
Over an ISDN, it's real close to CD quality.

& We have even done LIVE streaming of a George Clinton concert (last

& since Shockwave for Director is the actual serving mechanism,
you can make your player/controller look like anything you can dream up