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looped music and the Web

Hi all,

Since the topic of sound on the web has come up I would like to discuss the
web and looped music.

Looping sounds solves download problems on the web:
As many of you know long playing sound files can take a loonnnggg time to
download and be heard.  One solution is to take a shorter sound or midi
file and make it loop several times or infinitely.  This way you have
shorter downloads and longer playing music.  In creating a sound file for
this purpose one has to take the compositional issues of repetition and
loops into consideration.  Personally I havent experienced many interesting
applications of looped music on the web, but I wonder if that is because
the people making these loops aren't "loopers" like us.

Making looped music on the web interesting:
I think it would be difficult to make a single short duration audio file,
that loops over and over, sound interesting.  There are other options

Most of the web sound players allow for playing of several looped sound
files at the same time.  This allows for all the possibilities inherent in
layering loops or multi tracking loops.  By playing loops of different
lengths one can create phasing and polyrhythmic effects that add variety
and change to the composition over a long period of time.  Also with a
minimal amount of work one can encorporate interactive features like giving
the user control over muting, start/stop and mixing of multiple looped
sound files.
I am sure there are many other techniques and possibilities than just 
(If you have any other ideas please contribute.)

I have yet to try these things but I believe the web is possibly a new
"venue" for experimenting with looped compositions.   The web can provide a
different and potentially much larger audience than most loopers perform

Unfortunately, I havent had time to experiment with looping in this medium
yet.  I plan do some in about 4 weeks, when I am out of school.

I would love to hear from any of you regarding this topic.  If you have
visited sites that make effective use of looping then please send them
along.  If you have tried looped music for the web please share your

I look forward to your replies.


Hayden Porter