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A new JamMan trick :
Start a loop synched to a drum machine (or sequencer),with the
drum machine as send and JamMan receiving..
You don't need to hear the drum machine if you don't want.
Now vary the tempo of the drum machine.
With faster tempo you get a shorter loop, it jumps back to the start before
the end.
....But when you slow the tempo again, the hidden part returns ( it  
"replace" ).

With slower tempo a fraction of the loop is repeated at the end of a whole
If, after going into "layer", you can send a midi program change to  start 
you are left with a sort of disjointed echo to play with.

These effects aren't click-free, but are certainly worth the cost of a

I used a Yamaha MU10 with a pc running Cubasis. I found that the
No. needed to be one less than that shown in the JamMan manual.

 Andy Butler