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Re: looped music and the Web

In a message dated 24/04/97  8:55:31, you write:

>Hi all,
>Since the topic of sound on the web has come up I would like to discuss 
>web and looped music.
>Looping sounds solves download problems on the web:
>As many of you know long playing sound files can take a loonnnggg time to
>download and be heard.  One solution is to take a shorter sound or midi
>file and make it loop several times or infinitely.  This way you have
>shorter downloads and longer playing music.  In creating a sound file for
>this purpose one has to take the compositional issues of repetition and
>loops into consideration.  Personally I havent experienced many 
>applications of looped music on the web, but I wonder if that is because
>the people making these loops aren't "loopers" like us.

As it happen's, I have a number of midi files which could easily class as
loop related.
Techniques like copying parts from one instrument to another, reversing
adding a transposition with a time displacement.
 Find them on my site at

Andy Butler
         Midi files are quick to download, and can compress easily to 
about a