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Re: JamMan modifications

In a message dated 07/04/97  12:43:45, you write:

>Bob Sellon
> ----------
>From:  SoundFNR[SMTP:SoundFNR@aol.com]
>Sent:  Friday, April 04, 1997 6:27 PM
>To:  bsellon
>Subject:  JamMan modifications
>    Yes I'm interested in an upgrade for the Jamman as mentioned in   
>What would really make me happy would be the ability to make multiple   
>of different lenghs. I try to make multiple loops without a drum machine
>synched (I
>haven't got one because I don't like them) and find that the timing error
>adds up with
>each loop.
>     Would this be a plug in mod?
>     Also stereo looping, but especially multiple loops of related (or
>arbitrary) lengh all
>playing together .
>                              thanks        Andy Butler