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Re: JamMan & MIDI sysnc

In a message dated 29/04/97  3:01:16, you write:

>If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to deal with this, I'd   
>love to hear it.
>Bob Sellon

How about?
 With the jamMan synced to PC a loop is started not when the tap occurs,  
the audio threshold is exceeded. JamMan then records till the end of the 
midi-defined-cycle, and then continues recording a fade out of suitable
( 100millisecond?)(simultaneous with 1st playback). 
For continued playback simply start at the beginning of each cycle,
the tail of the last copy.

You now have a sample which is regularly triggered with a 
polyphonic No. of 2.


For this to work you need some way of guessing that the next trigger is 
about to occur.So you'd have to monitor the incoming midiclock and make a
guess, then ignore the actual trigger.

When recording a layer:-
(assume layering starts mid loop)
At 100ms(?) before the next trigger( estimated) start recording a fade in 
 well as recording the same material to the end of the sample.
On the guessed trigger  stop recording the faded in signal and start 
full vol onto the beginning of the sample.
Simultaneously record a fade out onto the end of the sample.
Splice the faded in material to the beginning of the sample next time 

On subsequent loops the fade in will need to be layered .
Perhaps it would be easier to add a 100ms silence to the beginning of the
before layering started, so the algorithm for layering wouldn't have to be
different for the 1st layer.

Hope this isn't gibberish,
               Andy Butler