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Re: JamMan modifications

In a message dated 07/04/97  12:43:45, you write:

>We have been considering the issue of different sized loops   
>simultaneously but are not sure of how to implement it cleanly. For   
>instance, if you created a loop in 4/4 then wanted a second loop of a   
>different size, would you want the second loop to be in a definable   
>relative time signature (5/4, 13/4) or just "tapped" in on the fly? Our   
>current software approaches the traditional multi-loop concept used in   
>Jamman (play the current loop then switch to the next one) by switching   
>"Pages". Each Page can have up to 4 simultaneous loops which change when  
>the Page changes. The Page changes at the end of the loop. How do I deal  
>with this if the loops are of different size. If I wait for the end of   
>each loop, the loops on the second page will be out of sync even if they  
>weren't intended to be. Any ideas? We have the capability to have loops   
>of different size but we have been backing away from them because of   
>problems like these. We also weren't sure how many people would use them  
>if we did work it out. Obviously there are some.
>If you have a preference on how you would like the thing to work, let me  
>know. I can't make any guarentees but would like to put this kind of   
>functionality in the new rom if we can.
>Bob Sellon