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Re: JamMan & MIDI sysnc

In a message dated 25/04/97  3:51:07, you write:

>  An SMPTE track (from an ADAT) drives a PC with Cakewalk that sends 
>     MIDI clock to JamMan. Fine, JamMan syncs properly!
>     The problem is that in the beginning of every bar and/or loop JamMan 
>     introduces an audible perturbation on the sound. The silly solution 
>     found is not to play in this spot but this keeps me away from 
>     continuos sounds and many other things.
>     This does not happen when Jam Man is used alone or driving the 
>     computer or any other box.

Me too, I get the same from a similar setup (but without the DAT).
If you fire up cakewalk and choose Midi Devices from Settings menu you'll 
Notice that the resolution suggested for Custom settings is 1 millisecond.
The JamMan records signal up to 15kHz, so the glitch comes when the ends of
the loop don't meet properly. For some reason I couldn't get Cakewalk to
even, accept the custom settings mode. I can click the button, it changes,
but it won't do anything; if
I OK then look again it's still on the same setting.
It might work for you however (I only have a 486).
The resolution would ideally be .01 milliseconds, maybe less. As the 
continuous tone your guitar (if thats what you use) puts out at significant
volume is 2kHz you might get away with .05 milliseconds.
Basically Midi-sync isn't very good, daisy chains of Midi gear produce 
delay for errors in rhythmic timing, so I think maybe we aren't going to 
a solution.
 Nevertheless there's alot of people out there who know a lot more about 
than me,

 let us know if you get it solved.
                                                           Andy Butler.